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    2017 intermittent rough idle

    Depends, we need to see the ash load, dpf pressure differential and if the truck is in active regen or not. Also depends on what scanner you are using. Generic OBD2 scanner ain’t going to see all the codes the truck could set
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    It's HG time in the near future. Any recommendations on parts.

    Have the heads pressure checked very well. May not be a head gasket
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    2017 intermittent rough idle

    Yeah short tripping it means lots of passive regens then and more frequent active’s.
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    2017 intermittent rough idle

    Do you short trip the truck a lot? In other words, 10 min drives or lots of city drives? If it was an injector connector, you would have codes immediately. Don’t ice pick them, makes it worse and issue comes back sooner. Buy the connectors from fish tuning and fix it right if you want to...
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    Extended warranty - Should I get it ?

    There isn’t a competent dealer around me so no, wasnt worth it and I’m glad I didn’t buy it. It’s a sad deal out here…
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    Glow plug indicator on for over 15 seconds, MIL illuminates, no DTC code reports

    You need a higher end code reader, one that will access the glow plug control module
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    CEL running rough

    Don’t just buy a dealer one, get one from fish tuning. Far better connector that stops the issue.
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    September '23 Chat --"Jason finds his truck!"

    Why not just run lbz/lmm? Your probably going single turbo so torque will be low
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    Michelin - Defender LTX M/S

    My dad only runs them. Gets about 60k out of them in city driving and damn near never rotates them
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    LML total delete

    The repercussions are far beyond jaywalking or mattress tag ripping.
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    Dual Fueler issues, HELP!!

    If fish still makes his, that would be a sleek little option
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    Dual Fueler issues, HELP!!

    seems like power or amperage is dropping out. May need to back probe the connectors and see if it’s a connection issue or the controller. A scope would be real handy on this
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    LLY Ficm

    I wouldnt suggest it yet. Let me look at it all first. Merging is based on a few different parameters and it could get messy fast with as large as the two threads are at this point.
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    CP4 Disasterz

    Only seen two die. I’ve seen one like Josh has seen and other the pump was just starting to fail and metal was just in the pump Never looked in the tank though.
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    Changing turbo setup

    You just have a lot of toe in due to the awesome gm suspension geometry and lack of rebound control. Don’t use the locker till you correct that lol. It will really be a fight. Toe it out an inch and it will be a different animal at launch