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    PO8077 P08078 Code

    did you change the internal harness as well or only the PSM? i understand the connector may not be leaking but doesnt rule out the internal harness. specially if when you put everything back in, it was all good for a while, then the code came back. something may be getting a bad connection...
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    October '22 chat -- Ghosts in the Machines

    this discussion is like watching paint dry... i know i know, perfect dad joke. :ROFLMAO:
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    Monitor options?

    depends on what you want. the banks isnt all that bad, nice and compact with a ton of features but the larger screen of the cts is nice too.
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    Busted links

    alright, ive got an idea on how to fix broken links. It will easiest if you guys either just report the post with a little description. If i get a ton of reports on the same post, ill figure something else out but i dont forsee that as an issue. in the mean time, links are fixed in the thread...
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    First Swap LB7 to LBZ, possibly

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    Lmm extra bolt help!

    Accessory bracket bolt.
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    October '22 chat -- Ghosts in the Machines

    Zf swap that bitch and lemme buy it lol. Easiest exhaust swap ever!
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    Trans Swap

    It might be a 3500HD, in which case it would be the 6.5 diesel. those were made up till 2002
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    October '22 chat -- Ghosts in the Machines

    lol no kidding. i was gettin all pissy about pulling that engine. then i tore it down yestereday and was getting all kinds of excited about messing with this, changing that, blah blah blah. i just gotta tinker/f-with shit.
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    October '22 chat -- Ghosts in the Machines

    I should ban you for that comment [emoji1787][emoji1787]
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    October '22 chat -- Ghosts in the Machines

    This one has it, the other one had it escape [emoji1787] Oh and I didn’t get far. Pressure washed it and cleaned up all my tools/work benches that I’ve not actually fully cleaned for the last 9 months. Then the kids got tired of being outside… might have been the fact it was lunch time and dad...
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    October '22 chat -- Ghosts in the Machines

    My fun for the day. Something in the trackers bottom end gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago. Pulled a good running doner engine to prep and drop in. Going to tear it down to a short block, possibly open up ring gaps, check bearings, new valve seals and start putting back together. Got mls...
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    September '22 chat thread -- The View thru the smoke

    We had Encyclopedia Britannica at our school. i remember in 7th grade we were required to do a research paper on something out of them. somehow i stumbled on "gatling gun" and thats what i did it on. that was a cool read. Does anyone else remember doing a research paper and you needed to site...
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    September '22 chat thread -- The View thru the smoke

    I actually sold those wheels and tires. went back to stockers because the dealer was blaming that on why my truck was throwing codes. Also, they werent walkers and i just couldnt get myself to like them lmao. the all black 18" stock wheels GM has for these trucks is growing on me, might do those...
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    wow, thing is pretty much all toast