Variances in Allison internal filters


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Aug 22, 2011
Going to drop the pan to install the dummy solenoid and converting over to transynd fluid and while I’m doing that of course I’ll do new filters. Initially ordered a filter kit with the internal lock from a reputable aftermarket diesel transmission manufacturer. The external filter was genuine Allison as advertised but the internal didn’t look like recent filters I’ve replaced and after calling them it’s a knock off from overseas because they claim you can’t find a genuine anywhere. They have since ignored all attempts of mine to receive a refund, but in the mean time I called up another very reputable shop and Allison specialist and they assured me they have the genuine filter. Ordered it received it today and the two couldn’t be more different and neither of them have any marking to prove that it’s a real Allison.
I assume both are knock offs because one was confirmed from the company that sells it that it was in the other one is wrapped in a bag that says “made in Taiwan”. Size is completely different. Length and width on the second one received is larger. One has a second hole with a screen on the bottom, the other does not. The spout or o-ring locations are different relative to the square shape of the filter. I really just want to do this once and have it last for a while before having to do it again and prefer just to pay whatever is necessary to have genuine parts that I can trust are going to hold together in their versus some overseas off brand.

Are genuine Allison internal filters for the LML really that impossible to find? And if so how do I know which of these two filters to use if I am stuck using one of these? Thanks



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Feb 14, 2007
I can't tell you why, but for some reason they redesigned the internal filter with the LML. That's why they look so different.

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