Twins with Twins, Anyone?


Piston Tester
Jul 20, 2010
Somewhere On The Ohio
If anyone noticed, I cut the Vibrant clamp end off the compressor housing before I even tried to loosen the bell. Why you might ask would you do that since that cover fits the same turbo and engine as is??

Two reasons.
1st. They have greatly modified the newer compressor housings since my purchase 3yrs ago. Beefed up the 3 thread lands, and also the bell thickness. Still a guaranteed to fail design, but does show some effort at least..

2nd. Guessing the same numb scull who first reported something got sucked into the turbo, must also been tasked with removing the bell above. Because someone thought it would be smart to chuck the bell section up in a 3 jaw vice, and stick a breaker bar in the compressor outlet to torque on it. Thus bending the Vibrant O-Ring clamp end out of round, that mates to my PASS blade on upper intake plenum. I at least gave up at strap wrench level, last time tried to adjust them..




Now it's got me wondering if it was same guy who drilled and tapped these set screw holes??





Piston Tester
Jul 20, 2010
Somewhere On The Ohio
Shouldn't ever needed to mess with it my point.

Not the money either. But when I pay for top shelf products, and go the extra mile to provide feedback, by having them regularly serviced by that manufacturer, I expect a certain level of attention be given in return. And a straight answer, especially when ya know it. If not I'll be first one to call ya a$$ out..

Got the clamps today, mobile welder be here in the morning. Now to wack a couple inches off this outlet..

Check out the diff in meat at bell contact from my old cover above to this new one. They also clearanced the bell to compressor wheel an extra .030 or so that I can tell by naked eye.. Things that make ya go humm....

Also check out the good looking old at least 3 screwed up revisions PASS throttle blade. She never slammed shut during the charger explosion. However, trigger for that option being looked at seriously right now.. lol

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Feb 15, 2012
Central OH
How many people do you figure are running the adjustable map groove, and able to give real feedback for them to justify a design modification?

I can't really tell what your finger is on for the one picture, assuming that's the clearance you mentioned.
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