Trippin Scripts for LBZ/LMM DSP5


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Aug 10, 2006
My gift to all you tuners out there. :D

These scripts are an easy shortcut to transfer known good “individual” tunes for your vehicle’s operating system into a DSP5 calibration. They simply copy and paste data, they do not write the calibrations for you. Instructions are included in the zip file.

Save the zip and extract into your "My Documents>EFILive>V7.5>User Configuration>Scripts" folder.



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Jun 22, 2009
Thanks a lot:thumb: I love your lb7 scripts and been meaning to ask you when the lbz lmm were coming cuz copying and pasting gets old


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Jul 23, 2010
I just finished LBZ EGR delete, have stock turbo,injectors, tranny, PCV reroute, Raptor lift pump and Powercore air filter to use up until I go back to AFE oil type oiled air filter. It went on a dyno jet after delete and put 485 hp and 876 TQ. Have 265 tires and use 2 stroke oil in fuel for MPG and quiets fuel system some it seems. This is a real low smoke tune at the start then clean straight pipe 4" no cat. conv. IM me with your results if you feel like telling me about your experience from an EGR delete with heat grid for winter will change to open spacer this summer. EFI deleted all the codes from the work done and truck had EFI tune in it prior to dumping the EGR. 40 lbs. of aluminum and stuff I bet it looks and runs so much better after that All Season kit was done. I want ARP studs and bigger nozzles next my medical surgeries killed me this yr. as far as my truck wants. But I got this far. I would like that Batmowheel last so far from reading can't see twins for my needs just now. Batmo guys seem to love those wheels once they're in I think from Fleece. Anywho that's it.

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