Triple disk converters, short block, turbo, etc


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Apr 11, 2013
Selling some lightly used parts laying around before we move to the new building. PayPal/shipping ready. All parts I have physically driven and can prove work perfectly and are low mileage.
-WORK 472/87/1.0 T4 billet. This charger is a competition based charger and out performed my previous FI476. This charger is no joke - $1400 shipped.
-Suncoast 1055-3 2500 stall billet stator converter $700 shipped
-ATS 5 disk 2800-3000 stall billet stator converter $750 shipped
-LML stock Shortblock- was a runner- came in with blown head gaskets and customer did not like the light scoring of the 2 cylinder walls. $2000
-01-16 Head stud kit Exotic brand - $250
-Allison Xcalliber brand new 5 Speed Non-G solenoid Valve body with shift kit. $600 NO CORE
-Freshly machined LML heads with a valve job, hot tank, Pressure test, surfacing and valve seals. Yes this is a full valve job head set and wasn’t cheap..$1500 for the pair
-tons of stock Allison shafts, drums, hubs and bell housings. Need any Allison parts just ask.


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