Squeaky steering wheel/column


Dec 30, 2015
Mansfield, OH
So my 2011 has been annoying lately, most of the time when turning the steering wheel, doesn't matter direction I get a squeak or a series of squeaks. I've taken the covers off the column twice now and sprayed 2 different products into any bearing or joint area I can see. The first time I used Liquid Wrench lubricating spray, the second was rural king white lithium grease spray. Neither of these has made any improvement at all. I've also sprayed both into the boot going through the firewall, again with no change. The truck has 250k, the entire front end was done at 200k, but I don't think it's front end related. It sounds like it's high up in the column, almost right behind the steering wheel. Expecting it to be a bearing in the column, which at $600 for a new column I'll probably just deal with the squeak for awhile. Basically just made this post to see if anyone has ever had this happen and what they did to fix it, or things to look into for a fix. Ive attached 2 videos to hear the squeak.
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