Shout Out To Top Notch Garage


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Dec 4, 2011
Josh Harris (aka Bonjour) @ Top Notch Garage has been a huge help with the LBZ. Couldn't do any of this without his expertise. We finally got it running again last month and made some passes recently. I am thrilled with the performance so far. Put down 1199hp on the dyno for giggles and laid down a nice easy 6.76 @ 104mph with a smooth 1.64 60ft. Can't wait to turn it up.

FI 472/87/1.0 & 491/100/1.45 compounds
10mm Exergy & 10mm S&S pumps
250% F1 Diesel injectors
SoCal Stage 2 motor
SoCal billet narrow rod crank
9100af cam
Stage 1 heads
Carillo rods
Mahle forged pistons
Built trans by Josh
Tuning by Josh

Hopefully the LBZ block will survive long enough to enjoy it a bit. We have an LML block waiting for the worst.

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