S369sxe single kit for LMM


Dec 5, 2014
In about 5-7 weeks I'll have the new up pipe from profab to fix my leaky one. When I fix that I'm going to swap up my turbo setups. The kit is from WCfab, the charger has a .91ar housing. Included is everything that came in the kit.

-intake with filter
-hot and cold side pipe
-y Bridge
-oil feed line
-plug for oem feed location
-plugs for coolant lines to oem turbo

I bought the kit in December of 2019, however the turbo was put in just this past winter. It might have 3k miles on it. The kit originally came with an s364.5sxe. Just seeing if there's interest for when it comes off.

Asking $2500

Any questions you can call/text.

Fiveohseven 272 67fivesix
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