Replacement rockers/ cab corners


Sep 23, 2013
Is anyone in the know about who makes the best fitting/ best longevity rocker panels / cab corners for a crew cab gmt 800?

it seems there are 97 options. I want full replacement not slip ons.


Jul 25, 2010
Ottawa ON Canada
I got a set of full replacement outer rockers from Rock Auto back in the spring. i do not recall the part number but the thickness of the sheet metal is like double what factory was. My truck is a regular cab and the rockers are off slightly in terms of fit and this is my first time doing this type of repair. i ended up having to get the front to line up with the factory pillar and then self tapper screw into place and then i cut the rocker in half as i was a 1/4" off on the rear fitment. Maybe they are made to over lap at the back but i had already trimmed out metal and said eff it and figured a little more work but less headache to just fit it right. My machinist brain can't handle anything more than 0.01" error hahaha. but i figure a little more effort and pain now will pay off when finished.

I also ordered inner rockers and cab corners from a place local to me and they are a well known spot in my area anyway, and the inner rockers i received were not very good quality when i first took them out of box but got them cleaned up and will do the job.

Hope this helps

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