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Feb 1, 2018
Neenah, Wisconsin
I will keep this sticky updated as product lines change. Keep in mind, this is a MASSIVE generalization of the products I can source so PLEASE do not hesitate to shoot me a PM, call, or text with a question as to availability. All forum members order's ship free with the exception of Optilube (orders over $75 ship free with Optilube), just mention the forum.

Oil and Filters

Fuel Additive
-Optilube (additives and racing fuel)
-Cenpeco (anti-gel/lubrication as well as Outlaw and Pullers additive to help performance)

Lift Pumps and Filters
-BD Diesel

-F1 Diesel/Flux Diesel Injection (their name is changing, not the people are products)
-Industrial Injection
-BD Diesel

Injection Pumps
-Industrial Injection
-BD Diesel

Dual Pump Kits
-Industrial Injection
-ATS Diesel

-"Drop In" turbos from various manufacturers
-Forced Inductions for Borg Warner, Garrett, and Precision
-Industrial Injection
-Smeding Diesel (S300 LML drop in, S300, S400)

Turbo Installation Kits/Compound Kits/Y-Bridges/"High Flow" kits etc
-HSP Diesel
-PPE Installation Kits
-Smedding (S300 kit)

Transmission Kits and Parts (Converters, Pans, Shafts etc)
-Goerend Converters
-Goerend build kits with choice of clutches (master and economy kits)
-Full built trans (local install only or pre-ship your core)
-PPE, ATS, MagHytec, AFE, BD-Power pans
-TCS, Suncoast and Xcalliber/Defeo billet internals
-Genuine Allison pumps, harnesses, solenoids, pressure manifolds etc
-Upgraded transmission coolers

Tuning (EFILive & EZLynk)

Engine Hard Parts
-SoCal products (valvetrain, rods, cams, girdles, main caps, dampers etc)
-CP Carrillo rods, pistons, and hybrid kits
-Mahle pistons (motorsports cast - with and w/o reliefs, forged)
-Wagler products (valvetrain, rods, cams, girdles, main caps, etc)
-Industrial Injection girdles, cams, ported heads, valvetrain

Drivetrain Components
-Lockers and positraction units
-Axle rebuild kits
-Axle shafts

Steering/Suspension Upgrades
-Lift Kits

Intake/Exhausts/Exhaust Manifolds/Up-Pipes
Intercooler Upgrades
Radiator Upgrades
Running Boards
AN Fittings/Tubing/Tools
Universal Fluid Coolers
General Repair Parts
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