Please help! coolant leak!


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Jan 30, 2023
Coolant all over front right engine area, wet bottom shield, pass side stabilizers and steering components.... Has not overheated, but loses coolant fast...added approx. half gallon to empty surge tank, drove home- approx. 12 miles, tank's already empty. Tried finding the source of the leak, but it's impossible to see much of anything from top OR bottom... can't see any connections or enough of anything to even begin to guess where the leak's coming from... smh, so frustrating... New to this site and been trying to filter out any applicable threads, but thought someone more familiar, mechanically and on this site, may have a few tips on how to proceed. Would I gain best/quickest access to that area by removing air filter housing and/or anything else behind the radiator on that side?? suggestions?? it's -20 windchill here today so it makes sense something would decide to crap out on the truck... lol kinda sick of fixing on vehicles... especially when the OEM's make it near impossible to easily obtain any info to study/diagnose the problems as a DIY'er... and everything's crammed together so much on these newer trucks. Hoping this leak issue isn't something that's gonna cause me to invent any new cuss words... lol Any quick diagnostic suggestions would be greatly appreciated... thanks!


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Mar 23, 2008
It's hard to diagnose over the internet....if it's leaking that bad it should be pretty easy to track down. Fill it up, start it up and poke around with a flashlight. Take the air filter box out and take off the plastic skid plate If it makes it easier


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Apr 19, 2008
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Moved this into L5P area. There's a "low coolant" thread right below this one describing one of the coolant tanks is cracked. Could be that...