Planetary gear set

Aug 15, 2022
I have 04 dmax sierra 2500 Allison 1000pk that needs new planetary gear set. I have seen 7 different used sets for sale for Allison 1000. I found 2 sets that both have a p3 sun gear with 49t which is what I have. My p3 ring gear count matches the 1 set and doesn't match the p3 planet gear count. With the other set available it's the opposite meaning my gear set matches the p3 planet gear but not the p3 ring gear. The two gear set model numbers are 116583bb and 116583ca. I did find another set that matches both the p3 ring gear count and the p3 planet gear but doesn't match the p3 sun gear. If I am replacing the whole set does it matter? Will all 3 work? Maybe there is another set out there that is an exact match. Thanks for any help.