New wheels and tires questions.


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Jul 31, 2020
2006 Silverado. All stock.
I want to go to a 17” wheel and 265/70 or 275/70 BFG A/T.
I have a friend who has some 17x8 with 4 mm of offset, wheels but he has complained about how they never seemed to hold air very well when he had them on his ‘01 LB7 truck.
I can’t seem to find many 17x8 wheels and most of them have 0 or negative offset. I want to keep the offset/backspacing tucked in as best as possible.
Does anyone have any wheel, with this size tire, combos that they have used with good luck, on a stock truck? I may level it with Cognito bits later on but that will solely be just to fit a touch bigger tire on the truck.
I don’t mind trimming the front valance a bit but I don’t want these things rubbing all the time and throwing road debris up the side of the truck, everywhere I go either.


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