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Mar 30, 2022
I am a newbie and I am on many forums like Bobs 4 Cycle Karting Forum, Duramax forum which I got tired of the dang rules and now this forum and some drag racing ones. I have an LMM 4 wheels Drive Crew Cab Short Bed with straight pipe, been deleted, 3 inch downpipe, fuel rail plug, resonator delete, pcv reroute, and some other things. Truck has 298K but motor has 75k. I want to do a non vgt turbo and lift pump and then a built tranny and a few fueling mods and then turbo piping and stuff like that from wherli fab or HSP and then call it done. Thanks for letting me on the forum. I am working on my trucks grille right now and bumper so when I get it all painted I will post it on here.