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Aug 5, 2022
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Correct guys, the combinations are the key to it honestly and not generating cylinder pressure too early in the cycle seems to keep them alive. Some of these stock motor guys just keep going and going pass after pass after pass even when I question it as their weight and mph is putting them well over 1000hp! I can tell you that temperature plays a huge role in this process as it directly relates to the static cylinder pressure generated before any fuel is thrown at it.
I am new here and new to Diesel power, but I had to compliment Mr. Broviak. This is Mark's tune and a FASS on a 2006 2WD LBZ that is a daily tow vehicle. Stock from the intake to the exhaust except for DHD up and down pipes, a y-bridge and a bypass. Any LBZ better out there with all stock I'd like to hear about it to idea swap. Track time in a couple of weeks if it all goes right. Thank you Mark!


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Apr 19, 2008
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Moved this post into the Dyno area, as it had nothing to do with the under-10.99 list and deserved its own thread.

Many of us have done what you have. Its how most of us started in this hobby. Congrats to you, welcome. Your journey has just begun.

BTW, you have DHD in Harbor Beach close by you too.
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