Need trans built

Justin B

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Aug 2, 2022
Looking for the best shop around to get a 5 speed Allison built. I am located in north Alabama. Mine started flare shifting the 1st to second shift and the 3-4 up and slamming hard cold on the down shift and then started getting the shift range inhibit on start up when I tried shifting in gear. I changed ignition switch and the main harness was leaking fluid between the pins so I changed it and now she’s dead in the water will not take any gear. When you shift in gear you see a small drop in rpms and feel a slight surge like it’s trying to take gear but it don’t. The tcm hasent set any codes since I changed the harness.


don't know sh!t about IFS
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Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
building the trans wont fix your issue based on what you are saying. you need to find the root of the problem before throwing 5+k at it hoping it fixs it.