LML Waterpump issue

496 BB

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Feb 20, 2009
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Been awhile since been here but hope all are well. Anyways the LML seems to be leaking at the lower flange of the waterpump that looks like the typical sbc t stat housing. Sorry cant explain very well but thats from looking up from underneath since I just did my pitman arm. What a fun job that was. Really enjoyed it. Especially since I just realized the stabilitrack is tied into the steering shaft and is now on. Guess I need to clock it one way or another and take shaft loose again. Awesome.

Do these waterpumps always leak at the weephole? I have not looked too much into it but is the weekhole up top? If so I guess it could just be leaking down to drivers side right above oil pan. Next question is are the OEM parts stores on ok to buy as in will they last another 120k miles? Im only tuned and dont rag or race it so dont see the need for a welded or billet one unless Im wrong.



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Jul 1, 2007
Best to get in there with a mirror and a light. Some disassembly may be required to properly diagnose. Usually when they start leaking out the weep hole it doesn’t stop. There also is a little hose that is almost impossible to see that can leak. It’s above and behind the fan pulley. If it is the water pump I’d recommend just replacing with another stock AC Delco.