lly ficm repair suggestions


Jun 29, 2015
SE Kansas
I have come to the conclusion that my ficm has decided to quit. I have codes for 1,4,6,7 p2146. It will start and run for about 10 seconds or so and white smoke. I have went through the harness and checked for rubbed through places, checked my grounds, ice picked all the injectors, found schematic and checked for power into the ficm on both plugs, checked my data wires. I get power going to the other injectors. but I'm just not getting power on the orange wire that goes to all the other 4. I have took the case apart and looked and there isn't a burn mark on the board and the fuse hasn't blown either. I have been looking for anyone in my area that has a used one or even a truck I could double check mine on before sending it off but no luck yet.

I have been looking around at places to send it off to to get repaired and I'm hoping I can get some input from you guys that have sent them off. I have looked at SIA electronics (Illinois), Auto and Truck electronics (Florida). If there is any others that are reputable that I haven't found I'll gladly take them into consideration.

Thank you guys in advance for the advice and help.