LB7 Injectors - Anyone have receipts on this in the Colorado Springs/Front Range area?


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May 22, 2020
Hey all. I am certain it's time for injectors...we are sitting at 230k on the '04 LB7 and my last two emissions reports have come back with Bank 5 and 7 "on their way out." I've held off as long as I could but I think it's time...getting a little blowby smoke and am starting to notice loss of grunt.

I called my normal shop (I call it normal because I've only used a shop once - this time last year for a sheered crank key and a mess of bent rods) and they quoted me $4600 "if all goes well." That feels like we are getting into replacement block range and I just wanted to check and see if anyone else had this done in the Springs/Denver area...and approximately how long the truck was at the shop. Thanks guys.


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Jul 30, 2010
Lander, WY
It’s going to depend vastly depending on the shop. Most are pretty busy right now. I know of a couple reputable ones you could call and get an estimate/lead time depending on your location. For example Diesel Day Dreams in Northglen is usually a month or two out. LB7 injectors are a bit involved. Parts alone are about the $2500-3k mark. And labor is going to be at least 1200-1500 depending on the shop

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