Its Forum Upgrade Time!

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Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
Hi Everyone!

one of the big things we will be doing here on Duramax Diesels is upgrading our current forum. We hope to have this new site up and running but end of June or sooner. This will be a big change from what you use to see on your day to day basis logging into and cruising around the site. Please understand some things may be removed, changed or moved around. Id like to think we are keeping the best and removing the worse (if any) but as always, there may be some growing pains to work through. We will be adding an Instagram page and facebook page to help the site stick around. More on that as the site finishes up but for now, you can start following under us on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you guys are excited about this change as we are!

5/25 Update

Due to an upcoming forum software change, please do not make any edits/updates/new items/comment in the Garage section of the site. Anything in the Garage from this point until the software changes are made will make it over to the new version of the software. Thanks.

5/28 Update

Its offical guys! new site is going to be changed over come Monday June 1! The site maybe down the entirety of the day and possibly into Tuesday but that is a worse case scenario. Hold on to your pants and get ready for an all new look!

Jimmy and the Fish
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