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May 3, 2020
Papalote, TX
OK I just set up my flash scan, I have not been able to do a write (cal flash) as I get an error "S0311 Mode Not Supported" but I have put that on the EFILive forum to discus, what I am curious about is some of the DTC disables I have found and if they are normal, this of course would be best aired here in the Dmax forum
P2269 Water in fuel is disabled, I thought I saw this twice under another code that was also disabled
U0140 Lost communication with BCM is disabled.
U1141 loss of communication with Traction control is disabled.
P150C TCM engine speed is disabled.
This is stuff I just noticed at first glance, the speedo has been messed with see pic.
No telling what has been done to the tuning......
Is there such thing as a "stock" tune that I could use to get back to factory? I understand that saving the stock tune is the first thing one is supposed to do but I am not in any position to do that.
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Apr 2, 2019
These values are normal since it appears you are looking at them in metric and not imperial.

To change these to a standard value go to Edit, Configure Display units, All Imperial, make sure imperial box is clicked if available and should be able converted to MPH etc.

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