Higher mile, recommended 6spd updates.


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Jul 31, 2020
2006 LBZ 6spd. 210,000 miles currently.
Truck is completely bone stock.
I am the second owner of the truck.
It does not appear that the previous owner ever used the truck for much hauling or towing.
I replaced the spin on and topped off the fluid back at 206,000 when I bought it.
Fluid looks/smells like new still.
I pulled the wife’s 7,000 lb camper around a few times without issue.
I have one trans line with a touch of surface rust on it so I will be replacing the lines soon.
Truck will remain stock other than going up to 265 tires.
Truck will be used for some general driving but mostly for towing the camper in the summer and snowmobile trailer (4500 lbs) in the winter.
I plan to keep this truck for a long time and slowly upgrade it, as needed but I’m not going to do any kind of full on restoration or rebuild.

What’s the best trans lines to use?
What’s the best upgraded trans cooler?
Any other reasonably priced necessary upgrades for my usage guidelines?



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Oct 21, 2009
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Factory lines fit the best. There are aftermarket trans line hose kits but they don’t go in place nearly as clean as stock.

Best trans fooler is a setrab unit. The rest like ppe and mishimoto are knockoff Chinese units that do not perform as good and have a higher likelyhood of leaking down the line from even stock
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Jul 31, 2020
I've seen a lot of factory lines leak and need replacement on these trucks over the years but it's amazing (knocking on wood) that mine are great in that aspect. Like I said, they just have some surface rust (where they are clipped/mounted) and considering that I've already replaced all of the brake and fuel lines, it just makes sense to replace these before I develop a leak and/or hurt the trans.

Setrab? I'm not familiar with that company. Any links to any companies with a bolt on kit? Is it higher capacity? I am already looking into upgrading my engine oil cooler as well (probably just bolt on a 17-19 L5P unit because of ease of install) to lower my fluid temps when towing in the heat so that's why I would like to upgrade the trans cooler while I'm replacing the lines. It's frustrating to have a power train this capable but not be able to use it when the heat/humidity climb.



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Dec 15, 2010
I wouldn't replace them if they are not leaking. light surface rust is not a problem. all factory hoses will tend to leak over time. since yours are holding well I would leave them

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