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Aug 22, 2011
Going to need new tires on the 2016 2500hd LML this spring. Doing appropriate research before hand. Live in northern Michigan and will run these year round so my goal is always an aggressive look but I need the good road manners and very good traction on snow and ice. I’ve previously had the toyo mt’s on my last two trucks, 98 Sierra half ton and 07 LMM, both 33x12.50. Both were an excellent set of tires with no complaints. Did very well in snow for any tire especially an mt. With that said, I only had both trucks for about a year after putting the new tires on so I’m not sure how bad they harden up after a year or how they perform closer to that 50% tread life.
Looking for information on long term performance of the toyo mt and thoughts on the other offerings from toyo and nitto such as the Nitto Ridge grappler, toyo open country RT and now the new Nitto Recon Grappler.


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Jun 30, 2021
The toyo open country AT is my favorite tire by far.

I've tried other tires and have always been fairly disappointed. I had a set of Cooper AT3 xlts on my 17 and they were by far the worst tire I've ever had in the snow.

Last winter I had a set of bfg ko2s and they did good in the snow, but were pretty piss poor on dry pavement.

The toyos just seem to do good in everything. I run a set of 305/55r20s on my summer wheels and I picked up a set of 275/65r20s for some stock wheels. They also wear really good in my experience.

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