Girls club or something?


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Aug 1, 2006
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What :confused: Someone wanted a Cheetah Girls club didn't make since to me :confused: Allison doesn't even watch the Cheetah girls anymore :hello:


Oct 13, 2008
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:thinking2: what all do you get for a cheetah-licious christmas
The Cheetah Girls' Christmas album. It is also the first album the girls released as an official musical group.


"Cheetah-licious Christmas"

[Verse 1:]
Let's deck the halls with spots of Cheetah
Let's have some Christmas fun! Yea
If you wanna be..ooh...a Christmas Cheetah
We can show you how it's done!
You be gotta be good
Cause Santa Clause knows
helping all ya girls
Everywhere that you go
All around the world
Join us now and
Have yourself a very merry

Cheetah-licious Christmas
We just wanna wish you
A Cheetah-licious Christmas now
Cheetah-licious Christmas
Celebrate it with us!
Cheetah Girls will show you how!

[Verse 2:]
Santa's got a new look
He's dressed up in Cheetah spots!
And all the reindeer too!
Chanel's decorating
Aqua's got cookies baking
Dorinda's wrapping presents for you
(Oh you know)

The Cheetah Girls way
Be yourself
Have a Cheetah Holiday
I know you will
You got what it takes
You got growl power
Have yourself a very merry...


Never hide the Cheetah inside
That's a promise we made
Show how you glitter at Christmas time
Wear your spots your own way
be a Cheetah Everyday

Give me a C (Christmas with Cheetah)
H (Help all your sisters)
R (Respect each other always)
Give me a I (I do promise to)
S (Summon growl power, yea)
T (To Cheetah style everyday)
Give me a M (Merry Christmas, make it Cheetah-licious)
A (Always be true to your word)
Give me a S (Sing now with me)
Yes I'm ready to be...a real Cheetah Girl!
Say everybody have a merry...

[Chorus x2]

Have a Cheetah-licious Christmas
Cheetah-licious yea
Have a Cheetah-licious Christmas
Cheetah-licious yea

Google is your friend...

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Sep 1, 2006
I can't believe i just watched the video. My wife's cussing me too. She says it's disney, i told herit's 3 strippers trying to make a little cash on the side.... Not sure if she's convinced one way or the other after the song though :D

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