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Apr 19, 2008
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Due to concerns stemming from sales ads by people with no posts and no history on this site, the Staff has decided to make a change to the minimum posting requirements before a person can post items for sale here, effective 1/1/20.

A person will be required to have a minimum of 25 useful posts before they're allowed to make a thread in this section.

There is no membership time requirement attached to this change. Also, nobody is "grandfathered in", no matter how long you've been a member.

The posting requirement comes with a caveat, though. Spamming tech or smoke signals threads with gibberish or nonsense to get to 25 will not be allowed.
Twenty five "Welcome!" posts in the Intro section will also not be acceptable.
Trying to circumvent the posting requirements with spam like that will result in loss of membership here. Nobody wants that.

People with less than 25 posts should still be able to answer other people's sale ad if they are interested in buying an item, nor should this change affect posting new threads in other areas of the site. It has been brought to our attention that since the forum's move to the new software (after this policy was made), members under 23 posts MAY NOT be able to see threads. We are sorry for that, but it is part of that software and we have not found a solution.
The best thing to do is to contribute and participate here.

If after you get to 25 posts and you still have posting problems, please let one of the Staff know.

The Staff realizes there will probably be push-back on this change, but we're doing this to try to protect the membership from scammers as best we can, the same as most other forums do. We all Thank You for understanding.

The Staff
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