First time L5P owner. Code P0205


2018 L5P Dallas, TX
Mar 19, 2023
Dallas Texas
Goodmorning all, my name is Peter.
I’m in the Wylie and Rockwall TX area and just purchased my 2018 L5P. I’m having minor issues already lol

Just got my L5P, 2018 2500HD 130k miles.

It’s throwing a P0205 Code ( 5th cylinder, passenger side open circuit on injector. )

Dash shows “71 miles until 65mph limit” Emission , check owners manual. CEL on and traction control light all on.

I took off my fender liner, plastic valve cover and checked the wire, nothing was frayed or cut? Pissed off for hours and decided to hit it with WD40 and reconnect the injector connector… every light turned off and it’s back to normal… new member on here and a little bit frustrated lol


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