EGR delete on 2006 LBZ


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Jul 5, 2020
New to the forums and to diesel trucks! I recently purchased an 2006 CCSB LBZ with just under 200k on the clock. I have read through dozens and dozens of post on different methods of deleting the egr. I would like to get rid of it altogether and install the lb7 up pipe, but the issue I am running into is being able to find a tuner that will re-calibrate the ECU for this mod. Seems the EPA is holding them all at gunpoint. So are there other options other than leaving it on and using the "finger stick" mod? I don't have any emissions testing I have to worry about. Engine is bone stock except for a crappy K&N cold air intake the previous owner put on, currently have it on Craig's list for trade of stock setup. I'm sure my MAF sensor is coated in filter oil. Truck runs excellent after installing a lift pump last week. I want to keep it that way, so this mod is a top priority for me. Thanks for your input/advice!

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