Eek! What is this in my oil?


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Apr 9, 2015
Just changed my oil and found some small bits in the bottom of the oil drain pan(see pic). The larger piece is barely magnetic, the other pieces do not seem to be so. How f'ed am I?

'06 stock truck with only 77K miles on it. Last oil change was 1 year and 2k miles ago.

Truck is primarily used to tow a toy hauler and last time I went to tow, I had to stop just a few miles down the road to make sure I was properly connected. When I got out I noticed a strong exhaust smell and a bit of white smoke. Smoke went away and exhaust looks normal in neutral. I don't see any smoke when not towing.

Other than that, no noticeable issues other than I have poor MPG. 12-13 around town if I baby it... really, like old lady style of driving.

Going to send off an oil sample to a lab and also open/inspect filter.

There was about two to three times the amount shown in the oil drain pan. In the pic is the largest piece. most of the rest was small pieces like what was shown.

I bet there is more bits in the oil pan. I have a fumato drain valve installed and I imagine there might be some larger pieces in the drain pan that couldnt get past the fumato's small diameter opening.

Any thoughts?


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