Dyno roller and Hoosier Drag Radials


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Jul 18, 2010
Dallas Tx
Thinking about putting the truck on the dyno at World Nationals on 9/31/16 but I'm concerned because I have read that slicks get chewed up by the dyno roller . My tires are the new Hoosier Drag Radials that have no threads on them , they are like slicks except the sidewalls are stiffer not like a wrinkle wall on the slicks . Although I did see a video where Triple Max was on the dyno at [email protected] Antonio Tx with Hoosier Quick Times and put down 1400+ at the wheels . Anybody have personal knowledge on the subject ?


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Aug 23, 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah
Slicks on the dyno are a nogo. I've seen a set get chewed up on the edges pretty bad, a dot approved tire (radial) can work better however I would HIGHLY recommend finding a set of street tires to use. A blowout on the dyno can get very dangerous, and do body damage as well. I know here at all of our dyno events they prohibit slicks and radials.

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