Did you know they have hellcat durangos?


Ruining daily drivers
Aug 5, 2020
Here I am going to meet my buddy at his dads few months ago when my truck ran right. (His dad has a built kitty he bracket races in the 9’s with LOTS of trophies)

And as I’m about to get off the free way this tinted out Durango that looks brand new and aggressive (thought it was an SRT8 or something) pulls up to me fast like he’s gonna pass and instantly matched my speed. So I’m like okay, I’m on 3 on the DSP (which is enough for scat packs, use 5 for FBO 5.0’s) and thinking this will be even or easy.
He beeps, I don’t brake boost and lemme tell you.
They make Durango Hellcats and their taillights look good.

Turns out his dads hellcat became too much to daily, so he bought a hellcat to daily and it’s already tuned and pulley’d.