Cummins down


Jun 15, 2015
Cloud 9, IDAHO
I try not to stir the pot on the roadway I have had plenty of close calls and warnings. I love coffee a lot because I work 13ish hours a day. I don't have to work a lot but I do because I have a wife and kids and they prosper from the 40 a week and Dad's overtime is his "play" money in a sense. Anyhow I got off work and had to drive to Walmart for a new coffee maker so I was slightly edgy. Minding my business a new 6.7 Cummins pulls up to my left on the highway and he rolls coal on me because he is your common Cummings Diesel Diva. Like I said I have kids and a CDL so a reckless driving ticket in the middle of town on a Friday night isn't my idea of a great start to my weekend. So I stew a little and think if it's worth. Stock trans on my truck with Robs tunes only can put out so much but she will get up and go with a good launch. We stop at the following light and I built boost and the second that light turned green I was GONNNNNNNEEEE. I really wish his PPE excelerator came with a linen towel and some ammonia to buff my tail lights while he's back there.
He nails his brakes after 3 car lengths and turns off the road and into target parking lot, Friday night traffic must be embarrassing looking like a slow tool.

I work hard to provide for my family and they are great and we have strong family values and a lot of fun but sometimes Dad needs a little win to stick in his pocket.

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