Check engine light on after first fuel fill up

JCC N. Dakota

New member
Feb 19, 2021
North Carolina
My 2021 3500 SRW is my 5th Duramax. Truck had a full tank when I picked it up at the dealership. Tonight at 497 miles,
I put fuel in it for the first time at an Exxon/Mobil station where I have purchased fuel for years. Same pump I normally use, (no, not the gas pump). 10 miles later the check engine light came on. Exxon/Mobil is listed as a "Top Tier" fuel as per the manual. I verified the receipt says diesel in case I goofed. I shut the truck off, loosened the cap, and re-tightened it in case the new trucks are like some gas engines where that can cause a code. No change. I called the station, no one else has reported any problems. Do I have any choice but to have it towed to the dealer and have the code read and/or have the tank pumped? I'm nervous about driving it the forty miles to dealer and hurting the engine. Anyone else experience this?

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