Chance to buy my old truck back but have some questions on aging LBZs


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Jun 29, 2014
Braselton, GA
Well I sold the truck in my sig about 2:5 years ago to a guy I know and I bought a new 2018 F450 platinum but now I dont really have a need for it now and would get my monthly outflow of cash down due to expanding some business ventures. All that being said I have the opportunity to buy back my old truck for about half of what i sold it for. it has some front end damage now but nothing other than cosmetics and I can get it fixed easily. My concern is the longevity of the stock parts. I bought it with 23k miles already tuned and i owned it for 10 years and sold it with 166k miles (Turbo, lift pump and trans we done around 140k miles). It now has 220k miles on it and knowing the guy that I sold it to they have been hard miles. I feel like its still ok (I’ve got to go check it out this week) But I’m curious as to how long the stock CP3, injectors; bottom end, etc will end hip lasting or do I need to budget that into my negotiations to buying it back (we haven’t settled on a price yet). I would be daily driving it and using it to tow a wakeboarding boat and 28’ enclosed trailer (10k loaded down with car inside trailer) from time to time too So I want to make sure it still as reliable as I remember it being


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