Bye bye ford st


don't know sh!t about IFS
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Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
There I was... just minding my own business down in Mexico when this little tuner kept buzzing in my ear....

Lol headed for an on ramp, I pull up next to this little tuned ford st. We had to make a left to hit the on ramp so light turns green and I take off in front of him a bit to see if he bites. Make the turn ahead of him and I slow a bit. He nails it and starts spinning that wrong wheel drive. I hit the throttle after a sec of letting him spin and when he finally catches traction, he’s coming up next to me. By this time turbos come on, converter locked and bye bye time.

I really enjoy running guys down like that, they always think they are gunna win :rofl: :rofl:. Good times in Mexico


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