Brett Deutsch's current motor finally on the engine dyno!


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May 25, 2008
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Since Brett is going to be trying a new motor design from Wagler Competition we decided to get a baseline from his current setup to see how, where and why it makes the power it does. Recap on the setup is LLY motor with 15.5Comp Oval Race cast pistons with reliefs, SoCal 9100 Cam, Wagler Extreme heads, HSP Billet manifold and big up-pipes, HSP Triple turbo kit featuring Bullseye Power B475-96 T41.0ar double gated and fed by a pair of TCT475/87 1.0ss turbos. Uses factory clam shells fed by 3" y-bridge and a front mount air to air cooler. Fuel is 175%inj Exergy injectors fed by pair of my modded LBZ cp3's. We recorded all the data on it also so we can compare apples to apples. This is exactly how it was ran in the truck for the past 2 years. The old reliable tune #3 that ran 8.80's made 1381hp 2205ftlbs @84psi boost and made a peak of 5147psi cylinder pressure. This tune is 1850us 20*peak. The tune that he ran his 8.52@161mph made 1447hp 2304ftlbs on 88psi boost at 5,582psi peak cylinder pressure. This was 2275us and 26* peak tune. Great to see the actual data on this beast and can wait to see how the new motor setup will stack up comparatively. We will be throwing my 500% injectors for my race project into this motor and seeing what it does so we can see what the difference is between motors with the same fueling. I will keep you posted on this, will be early next week. Enjoy!:thumb:


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Sep 23, 2013
Awesome info. Amazing work as always

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Oct 21, 2009
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Nice numbers! Can you share what the new motor design consists of? Or is that something you guys are keeping to your selves for a while?


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Apr 19, 2008
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As we've always said, its about the combination of parts and how they work together. Congrats to Brett, thats one hell of a setup.

500% injectors? Geezus H Cripes, Mark. Why not just use a bucket or firehose? :rofl: