Boost pressure test noise


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Dec 7, 2019
Hello, first post here on the forums. I am new to the diesel world and recently got my ‘02 LB7. Quick story, I went to step on it on the freeway the other day and it just felt like the truck wasn’t what it should be. Not a huge power loss but just didn’t feel like full power was there.

After researching online I decided to do the boost pressure test. After i hooked up the plug w/ fitting I began the pressure the line. Here’s where it gets weird, if i had the ball valve half open I can hear it loading the air and then air leaking out at the EGR valve. Now if i open the ball valve all the way it makes this very weird noise. I am no mechanic by any means so I came here to seek some help on this noise.

As for the EGR, do I take it off and clean it or once it leaks it is bad? Thank you for the help! Below is the video of the noise I am referring to .

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