Blew up my 72mm turbo.


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Nov 25, 2019
The previous owner put a Danville Performance 72mm turbo in my lbz, the turbo is great and I loved it while it lasted but unfortunately it blew up. Something started acting up so I pulled over to check it out, I checked out what I could with what I had and nothing seemed wrong. I was out of town so I just kept heading back until my turbo popped and blew a whole bunch of white smoke out of the exhaust. I had no option but to keep driving home for about an hour because my truck is too big for tow companies to tow. So my question is what do I do now. Would the turbo wheel would have broken and thrown metal pieces everywhere? What do I need to replace?

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Apr 2, 2019
If it were me i would get a new inter-cooler especially if you kept driving since a majority of the material on the intake side of things ( compressor wheel ) would have gone through that and pray none made it past the inter-cooler into the cold side of things. Yes you can " have it cleaned" but this falls in how long you drove it and how much shit is actually caught inside it now that makes me lean to get a new one.

Then once you get a new IC and turbo would clean out the CAC piping hot and cold just to clean out any oil and debris it may have left as well as intake. Then if it sent a bunch of oil in the exhaust this one comes down to preference but is also easy to take off and clean out.

Im sure i missed some things someone will pick up on but this is where i would start in this scenario.


Feb 1, 2018
Neenah, Wisconsin
I'm with Dominic, I would get a new intercooler. I've gone down the cleaning route (4-5 hours and I couldn't get anything else out of it) and it still ended up being restrictive. You'll need to pull all the plumbing and make sure to clean all the oil/debris out including the air intake. As for the exhaust, it's up to you about cleaning it or letting it burn out. I would also check to make sure any sensors in the intake clam shells (IDK what generation your truck out, please fill in your signature) and see if the MAP got some debris in it.


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What Dom and Brad said, many guys will try to clean it but it always bites them in the ass down the road. Anytime a turbo gernades and shatters the compressor wheel you are best to change the cooler cause those pieces are lodged in the core and a good bark will pop them free and there goes your new turbo. This happens far too often unfortunately. Save yourself that headache and get a new intercooler!


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Sep 11, 2006
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Not disagreeing with a new IC, but dumb question: as the IC is post-turbo, how will a bark dislodging a chunk kill the turbo?

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