Black Lightning's first 1/4mile hit goes [email protected]!!! Sets the Allison record well into the 8's!!!


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Well, it is true what they say, proper preparation prevents piss poor performance! It took me 8 months to get the truck ready to go down the track and first outing at Wagler's last fall to get my licensing passes in was a huge success for me netting a best [email protected] Fast forward to the spring Diesel World race at Wagler's and I got the chassis dialed in for the new rear springs and moved some weight around and got rid of some weight also. It was rediculously hot that day and I was suffering from it. The truck had made it's 11th pass at full song since I started with it and we had zero issues with it. Evan was on me to get the 8 sec pass out of the way since we knew it would run it by the front half numbers it had already posted but you still gotta get the job done. Well I made up my mind to go for it and we found a test and tune session in the evening and loaded the truck up and headed to US41 in Morocco, IN to try and make it happen. I told my kids I was going for a one and done because I wasn't sure if the converter was going to do its job or not since I had been experiencing some issues with it already and wasn't sure if it was me or the converter. Well, I got the job done even thought the converter didn't stay locked from the 1/8th through the back door but it didn't even matter! Had a bad 60ft for the truck and still managed to go [email protected] with all the issues so when it gets dialed in and working correctly this thing will be deep in the 8's knocking on the 7's when we actually turn it up. I can't thank my sponsors and support team enough for helping me reach one of my goals and somehow I managed to just skip the 9's altogether lol!!! Thanks to [email protected]/Elevated Ingenuity for the best trany in the business and having faith in me to get the job done! Rick D'Lance at ProFab for the custom manifold/up-pipes and pedestal setup to help me get rid of a few pounds and pickup some power at the same time! [email protected] Performance for all the help with the fuel system. Jon McElravy for the awesome Oval bowl piston design that allows us to do incredibly stupid things with cast pistons! Johnny [email protected] Diesel for the S485/96 5-blade turbo to get the job done! Guy [email protected] Diesel for always helping out with my projects! Brian [email protected] for the new doors to help save some weight and always having my back! Anthony [email protected] for helping out with the project! Logan [email protected] for the nitrous solenoid that I haven't used yet but will soon hopefully! Joe Szakel who is my machine shop manager here at DanvillePerformance/PMT for the help with fab work and plumbing on the truck. My family for helping me and always having my back and pushing to go for it even when I don't feel like it somedays. And last but not least you guys for the help and support over the years! Stay tuned as this is just the start of this project guys!!!


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Aug 5, 2010
Western MA
You put together a well thought out truck that works. We will get in the 7’s with good ol Allison 😬. As always we all will do whatever it takes to make it happen and we’ve got a lot more capabilities and resources then ever to do so.

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