Big parts clean out. SoCal, Suncoast, clutches, FI 476


2nd place is last
Apr 11, 2013
Selling some stuff I have been meaning to post.
SoCal water pump bypass kit for 01-10 trucks. New in box $250
Suncoast 2000 stall 3D converter, literally has fluid in it and that’s it. Customer changed his mind halfway thru a build and I didn’t want to use it as a core. Was $1150. I’ll do $700 no core
Fi 476/87/1.0 slim hub turbine, gen4 compressor wheel and has zero passes on it, just some street miles. Only a few months old. Was 2200, will do $1500 shipped,
Couple of good used cp3s, with regulator $150
I have a good pile of clutches and steels here for Allison’s. Mostly GPZ C1 and c2s. Brand new Borg high energy c5s. $100 per set. Have trans fluid coated on them to prevent rust.
3xLBZ stock chargers. Pulled off for larger setups. $250 each. Ran good when pulled
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