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Chad W

New member
Apr 20, 2013
Ft worth, TX
I'd like to put in for a "best of" section. A place to gather up some of the most ridiculous but often comical post that most the time come from a brand new member that probably has the best intentions, but are doing more harm than good. Not picking on new guys I have been one myself and don't consider myself anywhere near as informed and knowledgeable as many here, but I also know that doing a quick search for the first result on whatever.com,or just making shit up and then passing that info along to someone that's here for real answers or suggestions to get their truck back on the road, all while using the punctuation of a ra tard, isn't only annoying, but can be a pretty good laugh if your not the one needing the solid advice or solutions.
Sorry for the winded post.
P.S. If in fact this becomes a category the Steve Colbert bit could be a sticky. Porpoise corkin. Lol :thumb:

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