Battling P0101 on LMM


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Aug 15, 2021
Hello all and good morning,

I recently just bought a 2007.5 LMM and I’m having an issue with P0101 (MAF performance) coming on nonstop. Clear it, drive for 15 min, back on.

The truck is DPF and CAT deleted, has the EGR still installed but is tuned off. I also unplugged it yesterday to see if I had any change to my P0101 with no luck. Stock airbox with a WIX drop in filter.

I have watched the MAF range both with the OEM sensor that was in the truck and a $100 Oreillys cheapy. Both are reading very similar and look good at idle etc (~35-40 g/s At idle)

Recently, I have been tracking the freeze frame data everytime before I clear the code. I will post a screenshot of the 4 I’ve logged so far and the values I got with each. Take a look and if anyone can spot something I’m not seeing, please let me know! I’ll keep updating this thread as I go so we can maybe help someone else in the future!


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