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Sep 3, 2009
Boise, ID, USA
I'm trying to attach a couple PDFs of schematics to help a member diagnose an issue ([THREAD=83860]thread[/THREAD], [POST=1146192]post[/POST]), but I seem to be 8.3MB over my quota somehow. I guess the quota was reduced at some point?

The attachments are pretty small (<300 KB total), and would be useful information to keep around. I hate uploading schematics and stuff to 3rd party sites and linking to it, because those links inevitably go dead eventually. Then when someone has the same problem in the future, the tech details have been lost to the sands of time.

I might be able to find some old attachments that are less valuable to delete and make space, but I would prefer not to have old threads suddenly lose the referenced content.

This might go back to the site-supporter/Patreon idea in the [THREAD=83855]forum sale thread[/THREAD]. Say we could donate some amount of money to permanently increase our quota, for example. That could help defer the hosting cost for the additional data, and keep that valuable information available on the site for future reference.

Or, perhaps quota could be increased based on a user's post count or account age? So the older/more active members automatically get more storage, and still prevents abuse by new accounts. Just some ideas.


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Dec 15, 2010
somewhat akin to this, I am trying to replace an uploaded file so as to not use up my quota by uploading multiple "revisions"

is there a way to replace files uploaded? I know you can view attachments under your user CP and delete them but no option to replace or re-upload them. and if the post is an older one then the edit option is gone too.


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Oct 21, 2009
Phoenix Az
delete the one from your user cp, upload the new one here and add a link to the page/pic you want replaced and ill change it for ya. No way for a "replace" feature in there.

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