Allison Transbrake Kit


Feb 1, 2018
Neenah, Wisconsin
I am working with another party on development of an Allison transbrake kit. It is currently fully functional. It is something that the transmission does need to be disassembled for as modifications are needed to the extension housing only, the rest is 100% external. The kit allows the transmission to function as intended while powered off but function as a transbrake (with the option of a "bump box" to be added by the end user) by energizing the 3 solenoids/coils.

We believe the kits to be $1000 area without a "bump box" and would include the manifold, bracket (if it doesn't direct bolt to a case), crimped hoses, and flying leads off the trans (power/ground). The solenoids are deutsch style connectors which results in a very weather proof connection.

This thread is to gauge interest, not to accept orders or show a final product. I am looking to see who would be interested in this type of kit.