ABS Pain

LB7 Lover 1994

Know Nothing
Jul 20, 2013
Greene County, In
Alright fellas I need some help. I’ve got a 2007 classic GMC Sierra 2500hd 4wd SLT.
End of September or beginning of October I completely rebuilt the front end. Hubs, shocks, ball joints, control arms, and brakes. Truck had 150k and started having some creaking and popping in the front end. Being 13 years old I figure those parts paid their penance.
Since the first test drive I’ve had an ABS light (no lights not ever before rebuild) and brake light on. I took it to work the following day and hooked a SNAP-ON scanner to it and it wouldn’t read or detect any ABS codes.
The hubs I regretfully bought from Orileys. I ohm checked my passenger side NEW hub... 477k ohms. Driver side NEW was 6.5M ohm. I don’t know what the old ones were given I threw them into the scrap bin before thinking about it. I know those are far out of spec. Tonight I warrantied them both with two new ones light wouldn’t go out. I haven’t attempted to hook the shops scanner yet but I figured the light would go out once the wheel speed sensor seen speed and voltage but no such luck. Anyone got any advise where to go from here?

Ron Nielson

Oct 11, 2009
Berryton, KS
Lots of Youtube videos about checking wheel speed sensors, including cross-checking the wiring between the sensors to find the bad sensor. I like the ones by South Main Auto because he explains better than most why he is doing the procedures.


Jan 30, 2018
Can you actually get a speed reading from each individual sensor. I had a hub that would cause infrequent issues on my LB7 and couldn't find the issue until I watched the data live.

If the readings all seem accurate under normal driving its probably time to get a real scanner that can read the code.