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Jul 12, 2020
Posted this on another forum today...

Bought my 3.0 end of June. Distance driven 6536 miles as of today. 20 miles back and forth to work M-F. Weekends 50 or so miles. 1 road trip in Sept of 700 miles. These are my observations.
Early on regens were occurring 150-180 miles. Regens take around 10-12 miles of driving. Road trip (700 miles) that day regens around 250 miles. Lately my regens are 200-225 miles.
Oil engine temp. This usually mimics the engine coolant temp around 210-220 degrees, however, on the road trip the EOT was around 230-240. The 240 mark was reached when traveling 75mph. I noticed at 70 230 was the norm.
All my info is gathered by my Banks IDash which I highly suggest if you are a info freak like myself.
Other notes: During regens on bank 3 EGR,temps top out around 1100 which is normal on a regen.
My previous diesels were 2005 LLY duramax and my 2016 Colorado with the 2.8 duramax.
This truck so far is the best out of them all. I am averaging 27.16 MPG as of today (using the Simply Auto app).
Just had my first oil change at 5670 miles. My dealer also topped off the DEF which was a little over half on the gauge.
I have a 1500 mile road trip coming up in a few weeks. I will report back with more info. Enjoy.

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