2023 Duramax?


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Nov 15, 2011
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Turbo brake seems pretty damn good to me. I’m about 25-26k loaded down at gross and I don’t have to touch the brakes if I don’t want to. Let that bitch rev, it will slow you in a hurry. I’ve seen 4500rpm without issue. Running down the passes between Durango and Silverton, I’m constantly up shifting and downshifting 1 gear to hold speed. Never touched the brakes. Your down to 15-20mph in some areas for a couple miles due to curves and my buddy with his cummins was burning his brakes up becuase the trans keeps the converter unlocked in 1st and it’s too low enough, 2nd is too high and offers no help in grade braking. My old truck was the same way and no turbo brake. That suuuuucked.

I do agree the 10 speed doesn’t get very aggressive on down shifts for grade braking if you are not using cruise control. It seems to use the same shift strategy of the 6 speed but since you don’t have as large of gear jumps when down shifting, doesn’t work as well.

The plus side is when I’m unloaded and truck goes into grade braking down a hill, it’s much smoother and not overly aggressive like the 6 speeds were.

If you turn cruise control on and let it control grade braking, it does a pretty damn good job at it. You get about 2-3mph swing out of it but I don’t see an issue there.
I bought a 2022 earlier this year. The engine braking is weak compared to my old 16 stock lml. It seems like the L5P only gets agressive when you're hard in the brakes. Other then that the trucks a beast. Love the 10 speed so far. Hopefully edge updates the cts3 for one soon so I can start learning more.


Aug 18, 2011
I have to agree on the 01-07 seats. My 02, 04, and 07 were all plush. I didn’t appreciate the simplicity or the layout of the older trucks interiors either.

The new trucks are absolute beasts as far as towing now. Cooling capacity, brakes, frame etc. I still cannot decide between a 17-19 or a 20+. I want to see what colors and interior changes are made. The only colors I really like are white (shocker), the darker red, and dare I say, black. I hope they come out with a better gray for the 23s.


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Jul 13, 2016
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i cant complain about mine. There is something to say about the simplicity of the old trucks vs the new ones.

i will say that for me being someone that came from a truck that was 20 years older, there is many leaps and bounds of improvements from then. That may play a part into why i feel the trucks are so good. im not as able to nit pick the truck apart as say, someone that owned a LML, then 17-19 L5P, then the 2020+. But at the same time, i feel what they state is very nit picky and takes away from the overall performance and tech these things have.

for engine and drivetrain, the grass was greener on the other side. the way it pulls is just awesome. for interior and tech inside, im just not a guy that likes all the nannies and lights and my god do i hate the seats in this thing. im 165lbs with not a whole lot of ass, these fuckers are like bricks compared to my 02. i keep hoping they will break in but at 20k miles, dont seem like it. Someone else that may like the tech they come with may very much enjoy that, there is decent stuff to keep a guy entertained lol. specially if get into them like some of bens stuff lets you do (if you can get anything from him).

Does your truck have the ac seats? I noted in the two 17-18 I test drove the ac seat was more stiff, I picked up the truck with out and am happy with my seat but as stated not the couch I was used to in my 07

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Oct 21, 2009
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Does your truck have the ac seats? I noted in the two 17-18 I test drove the ac seat was more stiff, I picked up the truck with out and am happy with my seat but as stated not the couch I was used to in my 07

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I do, I can see that playing a part of it. My buddies cummins is stiff too and it has a/c seats.


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Jul 1, 2007
My buddies 19’s seats feel the same to me. Same with my dads 15. The 15 might feel better but that truck has 80k on it now.

I’m just partial to the 01-07 seats I guess lol. I had 220k of seat time in there and never had the foam die or broke the springs in the seat bottom. That’s a rarity but just tells you the lack of ass I got
Same. Seats in my ‘20 are awful compared to my ‘16 and my ‘16 was awful compared to my ‘05 and ‘07.
I’m in gas world now with the 6.6 but it’s the same truck and an interior update is much needed. And you guys bragging about all your gears……..I’d just be happy if I could just tune the 6 I have.


Jun 18, 2016
Farmington, MN
I wish GM, and all manufacturers for that matter, would spend their time refining what they have. I understand that consumers want something new every day, but this constant having to have something new, new body, new interior seems to introduce, well, new problems.

I fully agree on the seats as well. The need for the new seats to look modern and cool really makes them less comfortable. My 21 year old Tahoe has wonderful seats, super comfy, and after 21 years and 322,000 miles, they are still in perfect shape, not a tear or crushed foam or anything. It’s comfortable to drive, whereas my new truck is not as comfortable when I’m driving across the country and I find myself repositioning often.

Other than that, I wish they made a bed, bed sides, and tailgate that didn’t bend if you look at them wrong. It’s ridiculous how easy all those components will bend. My wheel wells are all bent up and I don’t even know how it happened.

As long as we are wishing, I wish the truck was about 3 inches closer to the ground, and I wish they would stop making all the storage cubbies smaller. Every one else is adding storage and Chevy keeps making theirs smaller.
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