2001 Sierra LB7 Escanali

Dec 8, 2011
I have been making my 2001 GMC Sierra 2500hd ecsb an upgraded escalade/denali. I have since swapped the interior to an Escalade, and added functions and options the truck never came with factory but factory to only other Gm vehicles.
1. Temp/compass auto dimming mirror
2. Escalade console clock aswell as functional console DIC
3. Front overhead console lights wired to the dome/door lights, so their not just map lights
4. Full power, heated, leather seats w/tilting headrests
5. Suburban dual wing sun visors with mirrors and lights
I am currently working on upgrading to a 2003+ Escalade column and wheel. I know ita not technically possible, but I'm pretty I'm figuring out a way to cheat. I'll keep you posted on that, waiting for the truck to get back from the shop.
I will upload pictures when the website quits failing to upload stuff.


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Why do I keep doing this?
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Apr 19, 2008
Mid Michigan
Been done many times in the past. We used to joke how many options one could add to a Silverado/Sierra simply b/c these trucks are all the same under the skin. Good luck with your upgrades. Adding that 03-up steering wheel will be an interesting endevour.

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