1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!


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Jun 26, 2008
Madras, OR, Pahrump NV
Very cool you have kept this list going and have up graded it. Amazing how fast the trucks have gotten. My old White out is way down the list now. 111th or so. The guy I sold it to said it will still run in the 10's and has had the same engine since 2009. That has got to be a record. He told me he's pulling the engine and tranny and putting it in an older body 2 wheel drive Chevy and selling White Out as a roller.

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'06 LBZ CC/SB 2WD, MB Tuned
Aug 5, 2022
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#113 on the list -The A Team(Clay) went to the track today with his Stock motor LBZ and got a new personal best of [email protected]! They asked him to leave afterwards so he's pretty happy with that! Nothing has changed other than a better air day for him and getting his 60ft down pat which isn't easy for a 2wd street truck! Has one of my vgts as a single and some spray.
I also have a 2 wheel drive LBZ. I street drive and tow with mine but I'd be real interested in talking about his combination if he'd/you would be willing to share.