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Originally Posted by Gasuout View Post
Sorry Bentley for not calling you more , I was running around alot and trying to help the Fam jump through all the hoops they asked us to do out there .

I even had to go to town to get event fuel for the diesel . They said they would have it but didnt . If your going for a record you have to have ERC put your fuel in and seal and sign the cap or your record is void . I loaded 4 cans of 20's in my truck and headed for fuel with ERC's credit card while the gang waited there for fuel . Held up our first run for an hour or so . And those damn pumps shutting off at 75$ was pissing me off jumping in and out of back of truck by myself and hoping the guys credit card would keep firing the pump back up .

About 3 o clock eveyday it seemed we all ran out of gas and started getting delerioius . One of my buds from Glamis saw me from Monster energy who was out there and hooked us up with many cases of drinks . I think thats how Pat kept going at it out there on more than one occasion in the heat . We all know Im naturally hyper and those drinks would jack my butt up worse than I already am . I cant drink them . Then id never shut up . I kinda dont already .

It was hotter than hell in the afternoon . The sun was blasting you from all direction with the reflections on the salt . We would take recovery breaks in the motorhome A/C then back at it . There were more than a few times that Pat would suck down a Monster drink and just keep going at it on the truck getting the net right for the pesky tech .

I was running to town getting macgyver stuff , Kat was forcing us to eat . And the kids were awesome at helping at any time needed .

Wish you could of made it out there , you would have loved it brother .

Next year Im dragging you out there for sure . Even if I have to come through Reno to get you .

I'm just razzing ya, I know how competition events are. Constantly trying to please the officials and there is always work to be done, you always think of something.

I am just glad that Casper was able to run! And I wish I could have come and tried to be of some assistance...

I flew to Chicago on Thursday and I was looking out the window of the plane (I sat on the left side of the plane for a reason...) waiting to see a streak of black smoke across the white salt.

Next year you won't have to worry about picking me up in Reno, I will either fly down to socal and drive up with you from there or I will be out there ready and waiting to help.

Again, congratulations to the McRat Racing Crew!!!!
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Cool looking forward to next year .
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