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I'm running the cooler master n520, it keeps my 2500k at 65 @/4.7ghz w/~1.37 volts with the room at 65f.

I put the sd1283 on my roomates 2500k with another fan for a push pull setup and it seems to work a bit better. I would go this route if I were you. It's a nice cooler but barely fits in his mid case.

Try to stay below 70. What kind of voltage are you running?
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To be honest I have no clue what it's running, I didn't overclock it. The motherboard is asus and it did it all on it's own. I just clicked I wanted performance and it rebooted 4-5 times then said done at 4.01ghz. I wasn't looking to overclock or I would have went with the K. I never overclocked a computer so I'm not sure what any of it means.
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